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The Effect of Vitamin D Prophylaxis on 25-OH Vitamin D Levels in Children


Department of Pediatrics, Suleymaniye Maternity and Women’s Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


Department of Social Pediatrics, Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey


Department of Pediatrics, Maltepe University, Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey


Department of Public Health, Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey

Turk Arch Pediatr 2021; 56: 618-623
DOI: 10.5152/TurkArchPediatr.2021.21166
Read: 119 Downloads: 61 Published: 01 November 2021

Background: Vitamin D deficiency is a major public health problem. The aim of our study was to determine serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels among healthy children aged 3-36 months in a setting where vitamin D prophylaxis is a national policy for infants during the first year of life and among pregnant women.

Methods: A total of 190 healthy children with a mean age of 15.9 ± 10.4 months were prospectively

Results: The mean 25-hydroxyvitamin D level of children was 38.1 ± 16.2 ng/mL. 25 Hydroxyvitamin D level was ≥20 ng/mL in 87.4% of children while it was between 12 and 19 ng/mL in 10.5% and <12 ng/mL in 2.1% of the children. Children who were on vitamin D prophylaxis were found to have significantly higher 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels than those who were not on prophylaxis (41.6 ± 17.6 vs 33.6 ± 13.1 ng/mL; P = .001). None of the children >1 year of age who were on prophylaxis had 25 hydroxyvitamin D levels <20 ng/mL. No significant difference in 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels was found between children who were receiving different vitamin D doses (400 IU vs >400 IU). Analysis of covariance revealed that vitamin D prophylaxis and vitamin D supplementation of the mother during lactation had significant effects on 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels (P = .034 and P = .009, respectively).

Conclusion: Although vitamin D prophylaxis at a dose of 400 IU seems to be sufficient to prevent vitamin D deficiency, we suggest that continuing vitamin D supplementation beyond 1 year of age with supplementation of pregnant and especially lactating mothers could have an impact on a replete vitamin D status among infants.

Cite this article as: Gül İ, Gür E, Erener–Ercan T, Can G. The effect of vitamin D prophylaxis on 25-OH vitamin D levels in children. Turk Arch Pediatr. 2021; 56(6): 618-623.

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