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Evaluation of Clinical Findings in Children with Chylothorax: A Descriptive Study


Department of Pediatric Pulmonology, Hacettepe University, School of Medicine, Ihsan Dogramaci Children’s Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Division of Pediatric Radiology, Department of Radiology, Hacettepe University, School of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey


Department of Pediatric Oncology, Hacettepe University Cancer Institute, Ankara, Turkey

Turk Arch Pediatr 2023; 58: 28-33
DOI: 10.5152/TurkArchPediatr.2022.22182
Read: 124 Downloads: 48 Published: 01 January 2023

Objective: Chylothorax refers to the presence of chyle in the pleural space. There are multiple etiologies of chylothorax. Our aim in this study was to evaluate the clinical manifestations, causes, and treatment of chylothorax in childhood and also to show the differences between the 2 age groups admitted to a tertiary care children’s hospital. The second aim was to evaluate the clinical and radiologic features of patients diagnosed as having Gorham-Stout disease via chylothorax.

Materials and Methods: The archives were reviewed for chylothorax documented in the last 31 years. Twenty-two patients (11 girls and 11 boys) were included. Patients were divided into 2 groups: the younger group aged under 24 months and the older group aged over 24 months.

Results: A total of 22 patients had chylothorax, and 10 were aged younger than 24 months. In the younger group, etiologies were in order congenital heart surgery, congenital chylothorax, and Gorham-Stout disease. In the older group, etiologies were Gorham-Stout disease, congenital heart surgery, heart failure, heart transplantation, thrombus, intestinal lymphangiectasia, and idiopathic. The most common treatment in the younger group was the medium-chain triglyceride diet (70%), and in the older group, it was sirolimus (50%).

Conclusion: There is a wide variety of underlying etiologies in childhood, so a multidisciplinary approach is important to identify the underlying diagnosis. The common etiologies were postoperative and Gorham-Stout disease in our study. All patients with Gorham-Stout disease had a good prognosis. Gorham-Stout disease should be considered in patients of any age with a diagnosis of chylothorax who have bone lesions.

Cite this article as: Nayir Büyükşahin H, Emiralioğlu N, Özcan H, et al. Evaluation of clinical findings in children with chylothorax: A descriptive study. Turk Arch Pediatr. 2023;58(1):28-33.

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